SÖT COFFEE CLUB Subscription for International Coffee Lovers

Today, we are pleased to announce that the general availability of the SÖT COFFEE CLUB subscription. Targeting to become a world-renowned award-winning coffee roastery, we bring the highest quality, delicious coffee beans with the best freshness to the Japan domestic and international market.

For coffee lovers, we will start the service so that you can enjoy the latest coffee without the hassle of frequent reordering.


We will deliver the single origin beans (beans worth 4000 yen or more) selected by Roaster every month. Beans change every month according to the season. The monthly fee is 3,500 yen (~USD 30) per month with free domestic shipping.

Other Benefits
Benefit 1 - Pre-sale of coffee beans and tools
Benefit 2 - Delivery of subscription-only beans
Benefit 3 - Delivery of coupon tickets and other special offers

Subscription services are not limited to Japan, and could also be used by overseas customers with a small monthly shipping fee. We are delighted that coffee lovers around the world can spend less than USD 50 to keep tasting our coffee.

New subscribers of this month will receive our 2022 new crop Colombia Wush Wush Dynamic Natural in July 2022. Our roasting of this rare variety of Wush Wush was just rated by CoffeeReview website at 95 points.

SOT Takarazuka Roastery Lab in Hyogo had started operations in Q1 2022, and a new shop will open in the Kansai area at the end of summer 2022.

We hope to see you soon in Japan, and we are happy to share you our experience with quality specialty coffee from Japan.

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