Colombia La Natura 農園 Wush Wush 96スコア獲得と再入荷のお知らせ

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今回 Aroma & Flavor 共に10pointの評価をいただいたように芳醇さ溢れる味わいに仕上がりました。まさにゲイシャを超えるといわれることも頷かせる風味を感じていただけることと思います!

まだ体験されたことのない方は是非SÖT COFFEEでコーヒーエクスペリエンスを!

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Blind Assessment: Savory-sweet, intensely aromatic and flavor-saturated. Dried red plum, amber, teriyaki sauce, cocoa nib, pink peppercorn in aroma and cup. Savory-tart structure with fruit-toned, focused acidity; rich, syrupy mouthfeel. The crisp finish consolidates to notes of teriyaki and cocoa nib.

Notes: Produced at Finca La Natura entirely of the Ethiopian-derived Wush Wush variety of Arabica, and processed by a proprietary natural method that includes ferment of the whole fruit with selected native yeasts in a temperature-controlled environment before drying. SÖT Coffee Roaster, based in Osaka, Japan, is a self-described Swedish-style roaster with an “aggressively light” roasting style. For more information, visit

The Bottom Line: An exciting, intensely distinctive coffee for sensory adventurers: Rich umami flair enveloped in sweet-tart fruit with shifting, intricate aromatics.